The focus of the course is on equipping HCF Staff and Leaders to develop skills, understanding and increasing knowledge for effective service in their work and ministry in HCF. Residential courses are part of the HCFI training strategy because of the depth of interpersonal interaction between the participants and their teachers and co-participants. This is not possible with non-residential courses.
The residential courses have a modular structure, consisting of a selection of seminars that are relevant for the topic. This approach has been used since 1974. Whenever feedback indicated that improvement of the materials was necessary, it was done as part of the continual quality improvement principle important to the training team.

  •  Three month Discipleship Training Course (DTC)
  •  Two month Full-time Staff Training Course (FTC, follows on the DTC)
  •  Three week National Coordinators Course (NCC)
  •  Six week National Trainers Course (NTC)
  •  Four week Advanced Leadership Course (ALC)
  •  Incidental Leadership Courses

  • Love Relationship with God
  • Total Patient Care
  • Evangelism in the H/Field 1
  • Prayer in the H/Field 1
  • Personal Bible Study Methods
  • HCFI Vision
  • HCFI Constitution and By-laws
  • HCFI Sending Cells
  • Stewardship
  • Money Management
  • Introduction to ICH
  • Saline Taster
  • Vision for the Health Field (Videos by Francis Grim)
  • HCF Administration
  • Spiritual Care of the Dying
  • Victorious Living
  • Evangelism in H/Field 2
  • Biblical View of Suffering
  • HCF Action Teams on Target
  • Group Bible Study Methods
  • The Divine Plumbline Counselling Videos by Dr. Bruce Thompson)
  • Interpersonal Relationships 1
  • Preparation for Persecution
  • How to Arrange a Conference
  • Biblical Health Field Ethics
  • Visitation of the Sick
  • Personal Time Management
  • Discipleship in the H/Field
  • Health Field Evangelism 3
  • Guidelines for HCF Activities in H/Field

    Modules 1, 2 and 3 must be followed in that order. As courses will be conducted in English. Participants must have a good understanding of the language, as well as being able to read and write in English, or come with someone who will be able to translate.


    Modules 1 - 3 welcomes all who care for the sick who wish to be equipped to serve the Lord more effectively in their working place; those who wish to serve as Associate or Full-time Staff with HCF nationally, regionally or internationally. Also, those who may have been serving in HCF, but have not have the opportunity for training earlier, or would like a refresher course. Non-health field staff who are concerned for reaching out to the sick, or serve those who care for the sick, are also eligible.

    COURSE PURPOSE: To produce Christian Trainers who will be able to provide effective training with the aim of raising a multiplying army of people able to share what they have learned with others. 2 Tim. 2:2

    Eligibility – this course is open only to those who are currently in leadership positions within HCF/HCFI. These include: International Team Members; National Co-ordinators; National Action Team/Board members; Senior HCF full-time and Associate Staff.