Growing an Integral Disciple Making Movement in the health field

The Kingdom of God is first of all a grassroots movement of transformed people being used by God to transform families, neighborhoods, workplaces and local congregations so that we may experience the fulness of the abundant life that Jesus Christ brings. The only way in which this grassroots movment can really make a significant impact, is through growing integral disciple making movements in all countries of the world.  

Equipping care-givers to practice integral healthcare

Integral healthcare is the compassionate care of all the needs of whole human beings in their entire context.

Compassion is the appropriate identification with the suffering of others leading to enabling action. Compassion is elicited by the observation of suffering. We allow the pain of others to touch our hearts in an appropriate way - neither too much nor too little. Too much will lead to burnout, too little leads to cold and distant relationships. Appropriate identification touches us deeply enough that it stirs us into action - enabling action. By this we mean that we empower those who suffer to identify and solve their own problems using their own means as soon as possible. We take extra care not to make them dependent on us in the long run.

All the needs of whole human beings are important. In the real world, people have needs in ten major areas. Healthcare workers need to collaborate with others to ensure that the needs of whole humans are met in all ten areas. The areas are:

  1. Faith / Spiritual 
  2. Ethical
  3. Esthetical / creativity
  4. Legal / judicial
  5. Educational / literacy
  6. Financial
  7. Social (interpersonal)
  8. Psychological (intrapersonal)
  9. Physical / somatic
  10. Environmental / technical

Neglect of one or more of these areas will have adverse impact on the health of whole human beings.

Videos by Dr Chris Steyn which elucidate some of our thinking about integral healthcare.

Bringing care to those who are medically under-served

Medical outreaches among those who are medically under-served is one of our main activities. Short-term teams collaborate with local health authorities and local churches in communities to provide short-term medical relief but more importantly, to develop strong integral community health processes for the benefit of all in the community.

Promoting integral community health in both rural and urban situations.

More information about integral community health can be found here.