We are a Fellowship of Christians who seek to collaborate with all people of good will to promote and practice integral healthcare. Integral healthcare is the compassionate care of all the needs of the whole human in all areas of life. 


Imagine a team of rowers who collaborate heartily with one another to prepare for and participate in a race to win a prestigious trophy. Their lives will be characterized by daily exercise, healthy life-styles, self-discipline, focus, dedication, sacrificial commitment, choosing what is best for the team, giving all they have in a joint effort. They will truly be fellows-in-a-ship = a Fellowship. In a similar way, the Fellowship consists of people who actively build team relationships for the provision of compassionate integral care to sick and dying people - that is our prize. We exist to serve.


The mansion of Christianity is the home of  32% of the world population; that is more than two thousand million people. Together we form the single largest religious group on earth. Due to various historical and theological reasons, we have subdivided the mansion into many different rooms. What we do have in common with one another, is the Bible and its message about God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and His love for a broken world.

In the health fields of the world, we have discovered a network of Christians who come from many different rooms in the mansion who share a number of uniting characteristics:

  • They love Jesus Christ whole-heartedly
  • They seek to obey Him consistently in all areas of their life
  • They study His Word, the Bible, to discover and apply His wisdom for living 
  • They have committed themselves to proclaim and demonstrate the love of God especially in the health field
  • They actively seek to collaborate with other fellows-in-the-ship for the provision of excellent integral healthcare

 Using a biblical term, one could call them disciples of Jesus Christ. 

All people of good will

We rejoice because there are so many people of good will involved in the health field globally. They come from many different religious backgrounds (or none), but they do share the common goal of providing the best possible care of those who suffer. They also share our concerns about issues such as integrity, equity and poverty. They want to do more than just talk about good care, they are constructively involved in providing such care.

People of good will are our esteemed allies. Our commitment is collaborate with them with respect and sensitivity in the love of God.

Sadly, there are some who choose to persecute Christians. Our commitment is to love them with the love of God in any case.

Integral healthcare

Integral healthcare is the compassional care of all the needs of whole human beings in their entire context.