HCFI Non-residential Training

To introduce the health field worker to Biblical concepts which will lead to the development of a Biblical Christian character, thereby enhancing his/her effectiveness in giving Christ like care and leadership. 

  1. The HCFI Seminar presenters: To produce Christian Trainers who will be able to provide effective training with the aim of raising a multiplying army of people able to share what they have learned with others.  2 Tim. 2:2.  A 5 day training course preparing Trainers to be effective in facilitating any of the seminars in the HCFI Training Program.  Topics include Training of HCFI Seminar Presenter, Generational Transfer, HCFI Action Teams on Target, Care of the Care Givers and one need based topic from the list of seminars to be presented.
  2. HCFI Discipleship Distant Education Training – Presently available to HCFI members in the Oceania Region only. The HCFI produces its own self-study learning material.  Courses are enhanced with DVD’s and where feasible seminars are arranged and topics discussed in a class room setting. Topics include Prayer, Evangelism and Discipleship in the Health Field. Total Patient Care, Spiritual Care of the Dying, Biblical Health Field Ethics, Visitation of the Sick and Biblical view of Suffering.  Bible Study Methods, Love Relationship with God. Interpersonal Relationships, Biblical Stewardship, Money and Time Management.
  3. HCF Training by Extension (HCFTE) -  Small group study: The following topics are available: HCF TE Group Leaders, Serving God in the Health field, Suffering, Spiritual Care of the Dying

HCFI Residential Training