Disciple Making Resources

People development and personal transformation is best done through disciple making processes. HCF promotes integral disciple making: intentionally multiplying maturing disciple makers who are committed to comprehensively live out the beliefs of Jesus Christ, simply because we love Him. Contagious Disciple Making by David and Paul Watson is a good introduction to what this type of disciple making is all about.

Personal and Group Study Materials

Serving God in the Health Field is a series of studies for individuals and groups. The ideal way to use this material is for the personal studies to be done ahead of time and for the group members then to share with one another what they have learnt and how they are implementing what they have learnt. The group meetings can be held (online) once every one or two weeks. 

Your Local Congregation and Disciple Making

From Embers to a Flame: How God Can Revitalize Your Church by Dr Harry Reed. The intentional multiplication of maturing disciple makers is one of the core activities of a healthy local congregation. We have adapted a summary of his book for use in HCFI circles.

Spent Matches: Igniting the Signal Flame for the Spiritually Dissatisfied by Rev Roy Moran. He shares his personal journey from a traditional non-multiplying local congregation model towards one where multiplication of disciple makers is the norm. You can watch a 64 minute video of his journey here. A summary of his book can be found here.

Coram Deo Worldview Courses by the Disciple Nations Alliance: Poverty is not about people who do not have stuff. And working with the poor is not about giving stuff to those who do not have stuff. Poverty is a comprehensive problem with underlying worldview issues that need to be addressed. All disciples of Jesus Christ need to have their worldview challenged and shaped by Biblical Christian thinking. This online training is highly recommended.

Discovery Groups

Discovery Groups are all about discovering together what the Word of God has to say about Him and His kingdom. Discovery Groups need to meet every one or two weeks for the best results.

The main purpose of the meetings is to get to know God, to hear what He says and to decide how we will obey Him. That means that we learn to love God and our neighbor practically. Our neighbor is found mainly in our four social circles (relationship networks): family, faith community, work community and residential community.  Our neighbor needs to experience the love of God just as much as we do.

Each Discovery Group meeting is divided into three parts of about thirty minutes each: Look Back, Look Up and Look Forward. Below you will find a Discovery Group Outline that explains in more detail what happens in each of the three parts. 

Discovery Group Materials

One of the easiest ways to start a Discovery Group with people who are already believers, is to use the Growing as Witnesses notes, which are available for download below. It is highly recommended to use these materials as follow up after a Saline Process seminar or after a Saline Process Online Training course. However, the notes can also be used to start a Discovery Group.

If you want to start a Discovery Group with people who are not yet believers, you need to use a more informal approach. The participants are invited to join one another in discovering what the main message of the Bible is. They do not get notes beforehand and they do not have to do any preparations beforehand either. You invite them to your home for the meeting, ever even better, you hold the meeting in the home of one of the participants. In a relaxed manner you facilitate the group moving through the three parts of the Discovery Meeting simply by asking the questions and giving each person the opportunity to answer the questions. One of the most helpful series to begin with is the Series Discover God.

Other Series that could be used as next steps for your Discovery Group are available below for download.


Every disciple of Jesus Christ is encouraged to have a Daily Devotional Time by using the S.O.A.P.S. approach. Guidelines for your daily SOAPS are found in the file below.

PrayerMate app

Every disciple of Jesus Christ is encouraged to use the PrayerMate app for Android or iPhone. Guidelines for using PrayerMate are found in the file below.


Disciple Making Movements

Disciple Making Movement explained in 95 seconds

Disciple Making Movement explained in 5 minutes

Discipleship of the mind

How should we then live, by Francis Schaeffer. Excellent material to watch as a group and then discuss prayerfully. Ten sessions.

Making Kingdom Disciples by Charles Dunahoo. Gives a broader background about various approaches to disciple making and has good advice about discipleship of the mind.

World View: The History of a Concept by David Naugle is an excellent study about the history of the concept of world view. He also introduces an excellent approach to Biblical Christian world view.

The Universe Next Door: A Basic Worldview Catalog, fifth edition, by James Sire gives a helpful overview of the main worldviews found globally. 

Transforming Worldviews by Paul Hiebert is an excellent in depth study of worldview from an anthropological and missiological perspective.

Shaping a Christian Worldview: The Foundations of Christian Higher Education edited by David Dockery gives an excellent overview of how a Christian Worldview can be applied into various areas of society, such as literature, natural science, social sciences, and healthcare.

The Book That Made Your World by Vishal Mangalwadi is highly recommended reading for anyone who wants to understand just how deeply history has been shaped by the Bible.

The Old Testament Template: Rediscovering God's Principles for Discipling All Nations by Landa Cope is a relatively brief and basic introduction to the discipling of nations.