HCFI Prayer Ministry

"Even those I will bring to My holy mountain, and make them joyful in My house of prayer. Their burnt offerings and their sacrifices will be acceptable on My altar. For My house will be called a house of prayer for all the nations"  - Isaiah 56:7


The goal of the HCFI prayer ministry is to develop within the next 10 years, an effective network of one million intercessors to prayerfully support the HCFI vision of a global transformation of  healthcare through the service of multiplying disciples practising Biblical healthcare which honours the Lord Jesus Christ.

Are you willing to join us in this great prayer adventure?   You can begin straight away!

1. Pray with us at 09.38 every morning (9.38pm if it suits your work better). Set an alarm for 09.38 and pray (at the very least) Matthew 9:38 over the healthcare field in your locality/region/nation. "Lord, we beseech You, send out workers into Your ripe harvest field of healthcare"  Such a simple request can have profound results!

2. Should you like to have  more detailed prayer requests sent directly to your mobile phone each day via WhatsApp - this can be arranged.

3. The first Wednesday of every month is the HCFI Prayer Day. Meet up with a few colleagues/friends/church members to ask God's blessing upon the healthcare field of your nation - this can be done face to face (best if possible) or by phone, Skype, WhatsApp, ZOOM etc. The possibilities to arrange meetings are now endless! An email will be sent to you each month with some encouragement and topics for prayer. If you would like to be linked with some folk to pray with each month, we can do that too!

4. Please share with us your healthfield-related prayer requests and we will join you in praying for God's Kingdom to come and His will to be done.

For any or all of the above, send an email to HCF Global Prayer Ministry - here.

Up to date news on prayer projects and events can be viewed on our FaceBook page - HCF Global.