HCF actively seeks to collaborate with and strengthen local churches and communities. We do this by:

  • Presenting seminars that will strengthen the ministries of local churches in communities. Topics include: Being a witness in the workplace (in healthcare), Spiritual Care of Dying People, Hospital Visitation, Volunteer Chaplains.
  • Training trainers from the local church to train members of the local church in ministry in the health field and in the community. For example we do a five day Train The Trainer course about Integral Community Health, or about Christian Leadership (LIGHTS2020), or about being a witness in the workplace (Saline Process).
  • Involving local churches in Medical Outreaches and in Integral Community Health processes

Medical outreach is a practical way of demonstrating the love of God in the health field.


The two acceptable reasons for an HCF medical outreach:

  1. Disaster relief situations
  2. Integration with Integral Community Health programs, especially in the phase of entering into communities. 


  • Medical Outreaches need to build strong connections with Integral Community Health (ICH) Projects as well as with the government healthcare services in the communities where the outreaches are held. If such connections do not yet exist, the Medical Outreach teams should involve the ICH ministry in deciding what could be done for synergy between the medical outreaches and the integral community health projects. Contact the ICH ministry at ich@hcfglobal.org
  • The organizers of medical outreaches should read “When Helping Hurts” by Corbett and Fikkert before they even begin to organize the outreaches. 


Medical Outreaches are activities where short-term integral healthcare services are provided to local communities by members of HCF. It can be organized by the national HCF alone or preferably in partnership with other Christian organizations who share their vision and values.